Involved in a variety of projects over the years, Sean often shoots and edits the entire video himself, while on others he is the director of photography and camera operator, especially for the water angle footage requirements.

Surfing & Competition:

Sean started out in the old school of documenting surfing competitions before live streaming came into play, filming all day from land, water & sky angles and then rushing back to edit up the day’s highlights and send out before even taking a break for dinner! He puts timeliness and quality at the top of his list with every project.


When larger advertising agencies in the Asian Region require creative and amazing water based footage for their projects, they turn to Sean to deliver the goods. But even smaller companies who want to expand their social media value reach out to Sean as well, as he can tailor a package for them based on their budget.

Corporate & Services:

From surf companies to business corporations and group/individual coaching projects, Sean can help turn the vision of your business and services into amazing action sequences.

Resorts & Destinations:

Sean spent the greater part of 2017 flying around the world to high end resorts, capturing and showcasing their beauty and their exclusive surfing destinations