Please enquire about any stock footage you may require. Having shot so many places and so many things over the past 10 years, Sean may just have what you need on one of his many hard drives.

With his specialty of shooting surfing in a variety of conditions from glassy and smooth to crazy big and dangerous, Sean can easily also film for fashion and lifestyle needs from the water with the best equipment available. Please see Equipment section of the website for details…


Over the last year, Sean has also ventured into the world of being a personal film maker, primarily for people that want to record and then cherish their memories for ever via personal films. Sean does all the filming and editing from start to finish, working hand in hand to make sure the client is 100% satisfied.  It could be your holiday to the Maldives, a day trip to Tokyo Japan or a  50th birthday party. He can ensure that your experience is immortalized forever, and event better if your holiday involves surfing or water sports!


In these modern times, every shoot must have a drone, and Sean has become one of the best and most experienced drone pilots around having been an early adopter when drones were first released to the market.


Coming from the old school of producing daily highlights for surf competitions, on the spot at the end of each day, Sean has become fast and effective in his editing skills and has edited hundreds if not thousands of daily highlights in the last 10 years, as well as producing and editing two of his own films and co-editing other people’s projects. There is not much that Sean hasn’t done or cannot do when it comes to producing an end product for the customer.